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Fantasy Draft Kits by War Room Boards

2014 Fantasy Draft Kits

Fantasy Draft Kit Koozies

Offering oversized draft boards for all fantasy sports including Baseball, Basketball, Football & Hockey!

War Room Boards is your one-stop shop for all of your fantasy draft day needs. We offer a complete fantasy draft kit which includes an oversized draft board along with 400+ auction ready player labels, color-coded by position..PLUS all the draft day essentials.

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Fantasy Draft Kits

by War Room Boards™

With a War Room Draft kit, you'll be fully prepared for your draft come draft day. It's an exciting day nonetheless, and you (The Commish) have a lot to plan for. Let us help you take the pressure off by offering everything you need in one stop, as well as offer a few tips in the overall planning of your draft. Buy the draft kit along with a few koozies and league trophy. Play for something other than trash talk this year! A collection of fantasy desk trophies isn't frowned upon in the office, that's for sure.

Let us know if you have any questions by contacting us. Thank you for choosing War Room Boards.. Good luck this MLB season!

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Draft Day

Commissioner Insight

For most fantasy fans, draft day is the most important / fun day of the year. Our mission is to help you make this day a success. While we can't choose the location or help you plan for the draft, we CAN give you a few tips on how to make sure your draft runs cleanly and organized. Click below to learn how to plan for a successfull fantasy draft.

TIP #1: Have food!

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Inside an MLB War Room

Draft Day

A name is called out and a video of a player shot by the area scout himself or cross-checker plays on the video board in the room. The area scout, for example, Salvo, who has been with the Padres since 2008, covers Alabama, Mississippi, southwest Tennessee and the Florida Panhandle, talks about a player — his player — and then is peppered with questions about him.

As the group discusses a high school pitcher from Southern California, someone in the room asked if the player in question "has an overactive bladder." The room erupted in laughs. It seems the player heads to the restroom following each inning and no one is quite certain why.

Each brief synopsis of a player finishes with one simple question: "Are you all-in on him?"